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Check out some of our latest publications, student-written articles, newslettters and communications.

Careers Guide

Welcome to EconSoc’s inaugural Careers Guide! We hope this is an insightful and useful resource for you. This resource has been created with all students in mind. Whether you are a first year student exploring your career possibilities, or a final year student ready to make your next career move - there is something tailored for you as you navigate a career in economics.

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Alumni Guide

Hear handpicked advice from USYD Econ graduates working in leading Australian organisations, including:


 - The Reserve Bank of Australia

- Deloitte Access Economics

- Bloomberg

- Atlassian

- Macquarie Bank

The first edition of our alumni guide is now available to download.

First Years' Flyer

Our guide for first year students to life as an economics student at the University of Sydney. 

The 2024 edition of our First Years' Flyer is now available to download.


EconSoc 2024 
Welcome Guide

Check out this guide to:

  • See a sneak peek of our event calendar for 2024

  • Meet the executive team

  • Learn about our 2023 events

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EconSoc 2022 Guide

Check out our guide for all things EconSoc in 2022. We have included a review of all our 2021 events, what to expect from EconSoc 2022 and how to get involved!


From niche topics to current events, check out our members' short publications where they write about their passions & interests!


Submissions are welcome, and will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis

*Views expressed are those of the authors and not of USYDEconSoc

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