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Academic Pieces Produced by Our Community

Young Economist Showcase

The Sydney University Economics Society is dedicated to forming a community for all economic students of various talents to thrive. 


EconSoc is hosting the Young Economist Showcase which is an opportunity for students to submit a written piece related to an economic topic of their choice. To celebrate the start of Semester 2, EconSoc will be giving away $150 to an author of a submission. 

Opening Date: 2nd August 2021 12:00pm 

Closing Date: 22nd August 2021 11:59pm 

Submissions guideline: 

  • Format in a Google Document 

  • 500- 750 words 

  • All content must be related to economics 

  • All content must be original 

  • You can include graphs and charts in your submission 

  • Multiple submissions are allowed 

Suggested topics: 

  • Has the Australian Government taken effective economic action towards the COVID-19 recovery?

  • What reforms have other government implemented that could help the Australian Government reduce the rising underemployment?

  • How has TikTok impacted consumer preferences?

  • What were the economic impacts of the Olympics on Japan? Was it worth delaying it or should they have been cancelled?

  • What are the economic implications of marriage?

Steps to Submit: 

  1. Write in your full name in the box below 

  2. Write in your email address 

  3. Change the share settings on your Google Document to anyone with the link can access

  4. Copy and paste the URL from your Google Document


Thanks for submitting!

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